Good Intentions

Most brokers, managers and owners have good intentions of accomplishing certain tasks; unfortunately “time” is the culprit of many of our ideas. If only we could somehow squeeze another three or four hours into our fully packed 14 hour work days we could get a little more done. It seems as though I have so many good ideas, yet many of the plans and tasks are never executed because of two reasons:

  1. They slowly slip to the back burner
  2. I failed to write my good ideas down and forgot about them

Recently I listened to a wonderful audio book by Jim Rohn, where he discussed the need to keep a journal of your plans, ideas, thoughts and goals. I started doing that, and I’m hoping that I can begin a new direction in my life of “following through” with my good ideas. Stanford University did a research project about goals several years ago and determined that those people who write their goals down and read them daily, achieve those goals! Wow, what an amazing statistic, if, we just take the time to write down our goals and read them daily, we’ve elevated our chances of winning 80%. You can also read the book “What they don’t teach you at the Harvard Business School,” to find out more about why goals are important and the success of the 1979 graduating class who wrote their goals down prior to graduation. Writing and reading your plans, goals, tasks and ideas will be profitable to you in the long run!

I’m writing this blog because I know how busy and difficult a real estate broker, manager and owner’s job can be. I wear the same shoes, and I know that there are a zillion balls to juggle throughout the week. I also know that our sales associates are watching us to see how we execute those ideas that are pitched at us during sales meetings, across the desk or at the coffee pot week in and week out. Those ideas and suggestions that will help improve the office and make things better for everyone including the increase productivity and profitability for the company as a whole. When we fail to execute on those plans and goals we lose a little steam, feel a bit discouraged and question whether or not we’re making a difference. However, the total opposite takes place when we follow through on our ideas, suggestions and tasks at hand. Bottom line to all of this madness, I believe, is to keep a journal, and refer to it every day! Remember, if it’s good enough for consideration, it’s good enough to write down.

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