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Hi, my name is John Mayfield, (The Business Tech Guy) and I’ve been helping managers and real estate brokers for over 25 years with their sales meeting needs!  I am the author of “5-Minutes to a GREAT Real Estate Sales Meeting,” and a national speaker, where I help corporations and businesses with improving their sales meeting presentations and technology needs.  For years, many of my clients have requested that I develop a sales meeting database where they could download effective sales meetings to use on a weekly basis to improve their team’s performance.  Since 2008, Easy Sales Meetings has been a valuable resource for many of my clients and customers.

Easy Sales Meetings consists of a large database of sales meetings for you to choose from, with new meetings being added regularly.  You can easily search for a sales, motivational or leadership topic to use at your next meeting.

Every meeting is designed so you can easily edit and add your own style and personality.  Plus, each meeting comes with a talking points outline for the manager to help guide and facilitate the meeting used.  Many of the meetings include PowerPoint slide shows (optional for meetings but not mandatory to run the meeting) participant handouts and much more!

Why spend valuable time struggling to develop your next sales meeting, when Easy Sales Meetings can do the work for you!

John D. Mayfield

Broker | Author | Speaker – 113 S. Westwood Dr., Farmington, MO  63640  John@EasySalesMeetings.com – 573-756-0077


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