Monthly Archives: February 2009

21 Mistakes

In my latest book, “21 Mistakes Real Estate Brokers Make and How to Avoid Them,”, Corky Hyatt and myself discuss a number of issues and mistakes “most” real estate brokers make regularly. Mistake #11, “Neglecting Regular Job Performance Evaluations,” is a tough pill to swallow today...
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I’m paying close attention to real estate professionals in my marketplace and in my office, and I am beginning to notice a bit of frustration as the economy continues to linger on in this sluggish environment. People seem to be frustrated with the company, frustrated with the...
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I Made the Move!

After using TypePad for several months to post and host my current blog, I kept noticing a large number of posts coming from WordPress. What’s the deal? I questioned. Finally, I thought it was silly to be paying $14.50 a month for a place to host my...
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